Beyond Words – “A life on canvas, a breath of sculpture”

A new art exhibition called Beyond Words will open in Camden on Monday, 4 November.

The five-day event will bring together an exciting mix of new and established artists from Britain, Turkey, Germany, and China, showcasing their diverse cultures and artforms.

Among those whose work will be on display are Ottoman fine arts specialist Kaan Baltacı, contemporary artist Nevruz Akdağ, miniatures specialist Nerkiz Akcura, and renowned abstract artist Güngör Taner.

Curated by art consultants Zeynep Ober and Gulce Ilken, their selection of works aims to demonstrate “the healing power of art”, with “inspiring” pieces that straddle multiple disciplines such as paintings, sculpture, and illustration.

The most celebrated of the 11 featured artists is Güngör Taner was born in İstanbul 1941. Painting for over 50 years, his work “coaxes our eyes and heads into that transcendental place, a simultaneously light and dark place, where he takes us on a journey through the notions of rhythm and balance.”


Turkey’s Kaan Baltacı has carved out a name with his unique interpretations of 14thand 15thcentury ceramics that fuse ancient handcraft techniques with contemporary art, that embody both subtlety and a sense of humour. He has also turned his hand to costume-making, working on hit TV show Muhteşem Yüzyıl (The Magnificent Century).

Nerkiz Akcura originates from China, and is known for her oil paintings and miniature art. Her project ‘Ataturk’s Houses in Miniature’ toured various cities across Turkey and have since been gifted to Anıtkabir (Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara).

One of the most striking contemporary artists on show is Nevruz Akdağ. Her studies cut across ceramics and glass design, as well as textiles and fashion. She now specialises in handmade collages, such as the one pictured below.

Inspired by the Ottoman era and still life, painter Salih Zeki Dervişoğlu likes to reflect on the journey of humans from the past to the future in his work.

Artist Lolita Asil is fascinated by the interconnectedness of art and science. She says the meaning of art for her is “the highest inspiration of love and knowledge”, and likes to explore “cell-man-universe” through colours.

Conceptual artist Onur Aydın Ayyıldız creates “deliberately provocative art [that] addresses beauty, death, science, and technology, with eroticism and power.” His visually arresting work has made him one of the most exciting artists to emege from Istanbul’s contemporary art scene.

The exhibition, at the Camden Image Gallery, is open to the public and runs until Thursday 7 November. Items on display will be on sale too.

Exhibition details

Title: Beyond Words

Date: 4-8 November 2019

Opening Times: 11am to 18pm

Venue: Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College Street, Camden London NW1 OSP

Admission: Free


Main picture, top, by Güngör Taner