Camden People’s Theatre to stage Heartburn, a new play about women facing the not so egalitarian dream

Two women face the truth of the dissolution of the European egalitarian dream. Everywhere they look things are not equal; in the taxi, on the bench in the middle of a village, in the congregation, in the boardroom, in the home.

They tell stories of childbirth, sing about violence and dance about menopause. They remember the lies they were told as children and question the hope that things might be different for future generations.

Heartburn is an urgent new play that delivers a “beautiful and powerful performance, where the truth is sometimes unbearable” (words from an audience reviewer).

The performance uses puppetry, comedy, song, text and movement to create a hybrid, humorous and powerful perspective on being a woman in Europe today.

From the same production team that brought us Dreams Die Hard about a Turkish Cypriot lover, a red-headed soldier and a monkey, Cosmino’s new play again features Rachel Karafistan. Her Heartburn co-star is Spanish performer Eva Rufo.

The play is being staged at the Camden People’s Theatre for two nights in June.

Heartburn by Cosmino Productions. Photo © Andrzej Majos


Title: Heartburn

Date: Friday 10 June 2022 and Saturday 11 June 2022

Time: Starts 7.15 pm, running time 60 minutes

Performed in English, with Polish & Spanish subtitles

Venue: CPT Main Space, Camden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road London NW1 2PY

Admission: £10

Tickets: from the venue – click here for Friday, and click here for Saturday tickets


Top image, Heartburn by Cosmino Productions, photo © Basia Sinica