Cyprus: bi-communal Health Committee ends Covid tests for those crossing the Green Line

People crossing the Green Line checkpoints will no longer have to provide a negative Covid test to pass into North or South Cyprus. The rule change came into force earlier this week after Greek and Turkish Cypriot health experts reviewed the latest data.

With Covid infection rates falling on both sides of the island, the bi-communal Technical Committee on Health approved the rule change to remove all COVID-19 related measures at the crossing points.

The Committee announced their decision on Monday, which came into force at the checkpoints at 9am on Tuesday 19 April 2022.

According to the statement by the United Nations in Cyprus, which hosts and supports the bi-communal committee:

“The Technical Committee on Health will continue to assess the epidemiological situation on both sides. They will exchange data on a bi-weekly basis and adjust measures at the crossing points, as appropriate.”

Covid rules for entering the island still apply. Passengers should check the border entry requirements for the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus before travelling.