Fluent Turkish speaking actors needed for London film casting on Wednesday


A casting agency is keen to find professional Turkish speaking actors in the UK for an experimental film about Susurluk – one of Turkey’s most infamous car crashes in recent times. Atmosphere Entertainment has put the call out for middle-aged male actors to play two key characters in Scar, with filming due to take place in London in August.

The casting for these two paid roles will take place in a central London venue on Wednesday 28 June. Those actors fitting the bill below and available for rehearsals and filming during August should immediately contact Ailsya at Atmosphere by email: ailsya@atmosphere.uk.com.

About the film

Based on real events Scar revisits an extraordinary conspiracy with global implications. The back drop to the story is a car crash on 3 November 1996 in the town of Susurluk, in Turkey’s Balikesir Province. The four car passengers were: the deputy chief of the Istanbul Police Department, the leader of the fascist Grey Wolves (a contract killer on Interpol’s red list), a former beauty queen and a high ranking Parliamentary MP (the only survivor).

In the car the police found weapons, fake passports signed by Turkey’s Interior Minister (who was also the head of police), money and drugs. Since then there have been two state and one independent public investigation into the evidence, conspiracy theories and people implicated. But though 44 senior officials were named as under investigation in links between the police, the government, CIA, terrorists and the vast European heroin trade, all those under investigation were promoted instead of being jailed.

This fatal car crash on 3 Nov. 1996 in Susurluk became infamous in Turkey’s recent history due to the car’s occupants

This film approaches the scandal by imagining and depicting that which remained as private, inadmissible conjecture during the Susurluk investigations: what were these four people talking about together just before they crashed?

Filmed in three separate genres (experimental realism, feminist noir and feminist political) with three different scripts ending in a car crash, this film tells its story from the position of Yenge, the female passenger whose death was written out of history. The film explores different themes, such as corrupt political systems, the Deep State, and using the wrecked car as a metaphor for the condition of the State, an imagined alternative society no longer dominated by patriarchy.

Casting for the lead roles

Kaptan (the confessor): male, 40 – 45, Turkish speaking

Description: This character is intelligent, educated from a privileged background in a police school, emotionally calm (repressed) until roused, a known womaniser hiding behind a wife and 3 children. He is ruthless paranoid pragmatist, better others dead than him. Originally a Turkish Alevi leftist and one of the founders of POL-DER: a strong left wing police faction that was put down by the 1980’s military coup. Friendly, handsome.

The actor must have a full, clean driver’s license and be comfortable driving an automatic car.

Filming: 10 days/nights total

Rehearsals: 7-11 August, Daytime, London.

Filming: 13/14 August, Studio Daytime, London. 16/17/18 August, on location at night in London.

Fee: £200 per day – 12 hour day/night to include agency fees.

Aga: male, aged 45 – 50, Turkish speaking

Description: a slightly stupid mouthpiece to a very powerful family of Kurdish state enforcers. Aga is the disappointing son who moved out of the ‘family business’ and sideways into politics, an MP in a safe seat. On the edges of the big deals of ‘the family’ he has dreams of grandeur, but the innate understanding within the family is that he is weak, leading him to be the butt of family jokes. Mid 40s. Fairly ordinary

Rehearsals; 7-11 August, daytime. London.

Filming: 13/14/15 August, Studio daytime, London. 17/18 August, on location at night in London.

Fee: £200 per day – 12 hour day/night to include agency fees.