Miart Gallery’s new group exhibition Relativity

Mayfair’s Miart Gallery’s latest exhibition Relativity showcases the work of seven artists in a variety of mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture. Relativity, which opened earlier this month, offers the viewer a different perspective on what deeper reality.

The exhibition brings together three “icons of contemporary photography”: Gary James McQueen, Derrick Santini and Dmitry Oskin.

Relativity also features sculptures by Brazilian artist Beto Gatti, whose work will be presented to the UK public for the first time. He has collaborated with global brands such as Saint Laurent, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, and he recently created art exclusively for Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Alongside these renowned names, Miart Gallery presents the works of exciting emerging artists: Reda Yazback, Yasemin Sazak and Kamila Krzyzaniak.

About the artists and their featured works

Gary James McQueen, nephew of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, experiments with optical-illusion designs. His lenticular artworks seek to bridge the gap between the physical and sculptural dimensions using the latest digital technology in his multi layered 3Dimensional installations.

Derrick Santini likes to tell stories through a “perfect balance between a still image and an animation”. His process involves photographing a continuance of still images of the human form experiencing consciousness and emotions, specifically of love, sex, and desire. These hypnotic illusions of depth and space are then brought to life.

Santini’s style has attracted a great deal of critical praise, and collectors of his artwork include the likes of Damien Hirst and Adele.

Dmitry Oskin presents works from his latest Illusion series. Titled Oskin’s beetles, they feature precious stones: sapphires, rubies, diamonds, alexandrites… and those stones that are unseen and undiscovered by others: minerals from the core of the Earth and Universe. His collection at Miart reflects his view that “everything in this world is connected and harmonious”.

Everything is woven from brilliant Oskin’s beetles, with the gentlest beetle placed in the centre of the ornament, like a baby in a cradle.

Precious beetles artwork by Dmitry Oskin


Beto Gatti’s sculptures convey restlessness, leading us to daydreams and reflections. With abundant references to time and technology, he makes intersections between these two elements that permeate life in society, while invoking tomorrow in issues that agitate him today. He plays with the passage of time in his creations: a fraction of an hour can be time-consuming for those who wait, but it flies for those who are thirsty to produce.

Nature is an integral part of Istanbul-born Yasemin Sazak’s art, as she finds introspection and connection in it. Her work constantly fluctuates between landscape and complete abstract. The Nordic landscape and the Mediterranean heavily inspire the artist, seemingly distinct yet beautiful parts of the earth, where she sets out to discover the similarities.

She explores things like the sea’s rhythm and contemplates the reflective qualities of vast spaces in nature, thus, relating the physical world with the mind and the spirit.

Reda Yazback is a contemporary rapidly emerging painter who explores emotions and volume within a state of immediacy. The young Lebanese artist focuses on the realms of immediacy where his creations are prompt creativity strolling around his self-explored movements.

Artwork by Reda Yazback 


Reda has built a sense of diversity and characteristics within his art through his experiences and discovers one-lined abstracts of the human face. Every piece is unique in its form and manner and is influenced by a specific state of mind from the moment it was created.

Kamila Krzyzaniak manipulates shapes and colours with agility. Although earth tones dominate most of her paintings, this artist is not afraid to tint her work in shades of blue or red, emphasising the dramatic, mysterious and mystic feel of her art.

With their blasé attitudes and their languid gazes, the women created by Kamila all have one thing in common: boundless power of seduction. This power is not due to their flawless beauty, but to magnetism that emanates from the subject.

About Miart Gallery London

Miart Gallery was established in 2020 and has evolved into a global network representing a selection of internationally established, as well as emerging artists.

Artwork by Derrick Santini


With premiere exhibition spaces located in the heart of Mayfair, in central London, Miart Gallery operates at the front line of vibrant culture and is privileged to display fine examples of contemporary art from around the globe across 500sqm on three separate floors.

Its monthly showcases bring together international collectors and art lovers, with a mission to underline the universality of art and to invite art enthusiasts to explore all forms of art.


Title: Relativity

Date: Runs until Thursday 16 March 2023

Time: Monday-Saturday, 10am to 6pm, closed Sundays.

Venue: Miart Gallery 31-32 St. James’s Street, Mayfair, London, SW1A 1HE

More information: visit the Miart Gallery website


Main image, top, of artworks ft at Miart Gallery’s Relativity Exhibition, Feb. 2023: left artwork by Gary James McQueen, and right artwork by Kamila Krzyzaniak