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New documentary The Divided Island revisits the Cyprus Conflict ahead of the 50th anniversary of the 1974 War

A British Turkish Cypriot film director has set out to do what has rarely been done before: to produce a balanced and comprehensive account of the Cyprus conflict. Arriving in time for the fiftieth anniversary of the 1974 War, Cey Sesigüzel’s new 90-minute film The Divided Island uses archive footage, expert commentary, and testimony from […]

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London vigil to be held outside Greek Cypriot embassy to remember Turkish Cypriot victims of ‘Bloody Christmas’ 1963

British Turkish Cypriots will again be holding a vigil outside the Republic of Cyprus High Commission in central London to remember the 133 Turkish Cypriot victims killed at the start of the Cyprus Conflict sixty years ago. The details of the vigil were shared by Young Turkish Cypriots (YTC), one of the event’s organisers, on […]

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TRT World to screen new 6-part documentary series for 40th anniversary of the TRNC

International broadcaster TRT World will be televising a new six-part documentary called The Forefront: Cyprus covering the Mediterranean island’s recent tragic past. The first episode will be screened on Wednesday 15 November 2023, a date which marks the fortieth anniversary of the declaration of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Describing its new series, TRT […]

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Why Greek Cypriots shouldn’t hide behind international law: they are breaking it with their misuse of the Doctrine of Necessity

Until 20 July 1974, the so-called ‘Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ of the so-called ‘Republic of Cyprus’ didn’t care a bit for International Law. Otherwise, by the summer 1965, the 1960 Constitution that formed the power-sharing Republic of Cyprus between Greek and Turkish Cypriots could have been fully restored. But Greek Cypriots preferred to continue […]

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BBC responds to criticisms about its “anti-Turkish” Cyprus 1974 coverage

The BBC has issued a statement regarding its coverage of the 1974 War in Cyprus on Monday, which has generated hundreds of complaints from Turkish Cypriots. The British state broadcaster accepted it “could have included more historic context in the TV piece to help the audience understand the story further” but stopped short of offering […]

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Rishi Sunak accused of “anti-Turkish bias” after his letter on Cyprus made public

A week after airing controversial views that attacked civil liberties and vilified Muslims in Britain, Conservative leadership contender Rishi Sunak is embroiled in a new controversy. This time, the former Chancellor has been slammed by British Turkish Cypriots, who accuse him of “flagrant misinformation” and “anti-Turkish bias” after he appeared to take sides in the […]