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T-VINE’s biggest stories of 2016

These are T-VINE’s most popular stories of 2016: the best read, and the most virally shared and talked-about news on social media. Top 10 most popular stories of 2016 Former Greek Cypriot foreign minister apologises for mass murder of Turkish Cypriots Sending the T-VINE servers into near melt-down was our story in August about former South Cyprus […]

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New London play needs young male Turkish Cypriot actors

A British playwright is searching for London-based male actors of Turkish Cypriot heritage to take part in readings of her new play, The Gods are Playing Ninepins, in Hackney next month. Actress and writer Janie Booth will be holding two of the readings at the award-winning Rosemary Branch Theatre (http://www.rosemarybranch.com/) on 17th and 18th Feb. […]