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Selçuk University tries to prevent medical students from taking Hippocratic Oath at graduation ceremony

Medical students graduating from Konya’s Selçuk University suddenly found themselves in the dark and the stage curtains drawn when they tried to take the Hippocratic Oath during their graduation ceremony. The universal ethical code, which is attributed to ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, is a passage of rite for medical students around the world. However, the […]

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Religion, education and the law – your rights as Muslim parents and students

  T-VINE recently published an article about a landmark ruling in the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Osmanoglu and Kocabas v Switzerland (Application No 29086/12). This case concerns Muslim parents of Turkish heritage living in Switzerland who did not grant their daughters permission to attend mixed sex swimming lessons. These lessons […]

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New Turkish Cypriot student body launched in the UK

Students primarily from North Cyprus have launched a new group for young Turkish Cypriots in the UK. Called Kibrisli Turk Gencligi Ingiltere (KTGI), the group intends to form a strong professional and social network for those studying in Britain, along with promoting their Turkish Cypriot culture and identity. It is being supported by the TRNC […]