Ara Güler’s photos feature in new London exhibition The Magnificent Spice Bazaar

A new photography exhibition entitled The Magnificent Spice Bazaar opens at the Yunus Emre Institute London on Friday, 8 March, putting into sharp focus one of Istanbul’s most fascinating landmarks: the Spice Bazaar, or Mısır Çarşısı in Turkish.

Dating back to 1664, this large, L-shaped covered bazaar is the perfect place to discover the culinary diversity of the Ottoman Empire.

Today, this popular historic mall continues to sell a rich assortment of traditional products such as spices, herbal teas, dried fruit and nuts, and Turkish delight, alongside more contemporary items and souvenirs.

The exhibition aims to capture the essence of the magical Spice Bazaar through the work of 19 acclaimed photographers from Turkey with diverse heritage, including Turkish, Armenian, Greek and Jewish.

Chief among these is the internationally renowned late photographer Ara Güler, who documented Turkey and the world for almost 70 years before passing away last year aged 90.

Other photographers featured in the exhibition are Ersin Alok, Tuna Angel, Mıgırdiç Arzivyan, Lina Basmaci, Nurhayat Baysal, Işıl Göral Dağdevirenel, Agop Ezgilioğlu, Ara Güler, Daçya Lisan Güloğlu, Şila Horoz, Meltem İnanç, Henri Kandiyoti, Izzet Keribar, Lidya Kohen, Niso Maçoro, Tania Sisa, Bige Baykoca Süslü, Tufan Teksoy, and Harika Topaloğlu Yucel.

A statement from event organisers, the Yunus Emre Institute London said:

“As the artists bring the Magnificent Spice Bazaar from Istanbul to London, the diverse cultural bonds between the two metropolises will no doubt be strengthened.”

The exhibition is curated by artist Terry Katalan, and is supported by the Turkish Embassy in London, Turkish Airlines and the Ara Güler Museum in Istanbul.

Exhibition Details

Title:  The Magnificent Spice Bazaar

Dates: exhibition opens Friday 08 March 2019 and ends Friday 22 March 2019

Visiting Times: Monday to Thursday – 10am to 8pm; Friday – 10am to 6pm; closed Saturday and Sundays.

Venue: Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre, 10 Maple Street, Bloomsbury, London, W1T 5HA

Admission: free