Aysın Yılmaz funeral: Order of Service

Further details about the funeral of Aysın Yılmaz, which is taking place in North London on Thursday 16 January, have been released by her family. 

A number of people will be offering short tributes to Turkish Cypriot community leader Aysın Yılmaz ahead of prayers at Palmers Green Mosque.

The talks will start just after midday, so they can be concluded before the lunchtime prayer service commences at 12.50. 

Order of Service

The congregation are invited to assemble in the annex of Palmers Green Mosque from 11.45, where the coffin will be open for viewing and a memorial service be held.

The funeral service for Aysın Yılmaz will start at 12.05, and is being conducted by Hoca Husayn Hashim El Bakayi. Eight speakers will be offering tributes.

The Order of Service is as follows:

  • Opening words by Hoca Husayn Hashim El Bakayi
  • Ambassador Oya Tuncalı, the London Representative of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus
  • Mrs Leyla Kemal, President of the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations in Britain (CTCA UK)
  • Mr Cetin Ramadan, former President of CTCA UK
  • Ms Jocelyn Jones co-founder of the Federation of International Women’s Associations in London (FIWAL) and Welcome To London International Club
  • Ms Latifa Kosta co-founder of FIWAL and Arab Women’s Council
  • Mrs Semahat Mustafa, President of the Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association (TWPA) 
  • Mrs Sabire Djamgoz, co-founder of Pro Cancer Research Fund (PCRF)
  • Closing words by Hoca Husayn Hashim El Bakayi

Lunchtime and then funeral prayers at mosque starts at 12.50 

Burial service at Lavender Hill Cemetery, Enfield, will start at 2pm

Addresses for the funeral

The funeral service is open to members of the public, and will be conducted in English and Turkish.

The venues are as follows.

Mosque: Palmers Green Mosque.=, 30 Oakthorpe Road, London, N13 5JL

Cemetery: Lavender Hill Cemetery, Strayfield Road, Enfield, EN2 0TL (an extension of the cemetery, accessed via Cedar Road).


Main photo, top: Aysın Yılmaz addresses guests at the 30th anniversary ball for the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations in Britain (CTCA UK), Nov. 2013. Photo © Mustafa Koker