Stunning North Cyprus the backdrop for Hüseyin Erdinç’s new music video

There’s nothing like a Turkish music video shot on a gorgeous sunny day in North Cyprus to leave you craving for a summer holiday.

That’s exactly the feeling we at T-VINE had after watching the video for Hüseyin Erdinç’s latest song Vazgeçtim, which dropped a fortnight ago.

The video of the instrumental cover song, written by Sezen Aksu and Ara Dinkjian, shows Hüseyin on sandy beaches and driving a classic sports car on winding mountain roads with North Cyprus as the stunning backdrop.

During an interview with T-VINE a few weeks ago, the 31-year-old South London saz player said that his new Vazgeçtim clip was filmed by Şarlo Film, which captured “some great shots” that were inspired by his own ideas.

“When we first finished the song, I just had this vision in my head while listening to it over and over, of the beautiful mountains and coastlines of Cyprus while driving away, alone in a classic car. And thought. ‘we HAVE to film the video to this in Cyprus!’,” explained Hüseyin.

Hüseyin Erdinç in the video for his new song Vazgeçtim, filmed in North Cyprus in 2021


The production included Hüseyin and the crew travelling “right to the top of Saint Hilarion Castle for one of the scenes”, which the musician said, “was an experience in itself!”

Hüseyin worked with British Turkish producer Anil Göçen to give this classic Sezen Aksu love song from her chart-topping album Gülümse (1991) a fresh “twist and unique sound.”

Themulti-instrumentalist said as his version was an instrumental, he tried “to express these lyrics with the language of my instrument rather than as words.”

The song is now available to listen to and buy and download on all digital platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. The official video can be watched on Hüseyin’s YouTube channel.