T-VINE Editor İpek Özerim to go head-to-head with Kıbrıs Haberci editor Gizem Özgeç on Sunday

T-VINE’s İpek Özerim will this afternoon appear on a live link up with Gizem Özgeç, the editor of one of North Cyprus’ leading newspapers Kıbrıs Haberci, to discuss a host of issues affecting the UK Turkish Cypriot community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the leading issues on today’s agenda are the attempts by over a dozen families to have relatives who recently died in Britain be buried in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC).

The issue sensationally came to light in an incendiary article published by Kıbrıs Haberci on Saturday (6 Mayıs itibariyle yeni gelişler başlıyor!), which claimed ‘2,500 more people from the UK and Turkey were being repatriating to North Cyprus’.

The paper further claimed that “despite all warnings”, the bodies of “8 Turkish Cypriots who lost their lives to Covid-19” would also be sent back, provoking uproar in North Cyprus and in Britain.

The newspaper has since removed the offending piece from its website, following objections to the article and protests that it contained multiple errors.

Hear the discussions about this and other major topics live via Kıbrıs Haberci’s Facebook page. The live link will start at 2pm UK time (4pm TRNC) and the discussion will be in Turkish.


Main image, top: T-VINE’s İpek Özerim (left) and Haberci’s Gizem Özgeç