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Çiğdem Aslan, Tahir Palalı and special guests to present ‘Anatolia Echoes’ at Camden’s Green Note

Musical storytelling is central to the Alevi faith, with mystical poems and musical ballads (deyisler, nefesler) being orally passed down from generation to generation over many centuries. These traditional folk songs, which can be heard all across Anatolia (modern Turkiye), pay homage to the core philosophy of Alevism, which is based on love, tolerance and […]

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Belgium’s “Iron Lady” Zuhal Demir given justice brief in new government

A woman of Turkish Kurdish heritage has been given a top job in Belgium’s new federal government. Zuhal Demir, the third of five children born to Alevi Kurdish parents from Turkey, was one of eight Flemish ministers sworn in during Parliament’s first session on 2 October, following the approval of the new government. Ms Demir, […]

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Kahramanmaraş marks 40th anniversary of Maraş Massacre

The southern Turkish town of Kahramanmaraş has marked the 40th anniversary of violence that saw more than 100 people lose their lives. Dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds of others injured during the events of late December 1978, known as the “Maraş Massacre”. The killings were said to have been perpetrated by far-right elements, […]

Alevi Folk band Vengi Dersim to make UK debut in Glasgow

An Alevi Folk band from Holland will be making their first appearance in Britain next month following an invitation from the youth wing of the Glasgow Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi. Vengi Dersim, a trio based in Rotterdam, will perform at a concert at the Pearce Institute in Govan on Sunday 17 April. The event […]

Celebrating the life of Dr. Tözün İsa, 7/09/1956 – 17/11/2015

Next Saturday, London’s Turkish community will honour the life and work of Dr. Tözün İsa, who sadly passed away in November aged 59 following his battle with cancer. Organised by the Turkish Language Education Consortium, community members are invited to attend the memorial night, which is being held at Dr Fazıl Küçük Turkish School. The […]

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UK recognises Alevism as a religion, while Turkey still rejects it

Alevi worshippers in the UK took an important step forward in having their faith recognised following a decision by the Charity Commission to admit the British Alevi Foundation as a religious trust. The announcement was made by the British Federation of Alevis (BFA) at a press conference at the Dalston Alevi Cultural Centre in London […]