Urgent appeal to bring baby Enis to Britain for life-saving treatment

A British Turkish family have launched an online appeal to raise money so their severely ill 20-month-old son can be flown home from Turkey for urgent treatment.

Little Enis is currently fighting for his life in a hospital in İsparta, where he has been following a near-fatal drowning accident in a pool in his family home in Köyceğiz, Muğla, on 11th April. His parents are desperate to fly him back to London so he can receive the specialist medical care he needs to recover.

His mother, Croydon-born Ayla Azmi Işık, wrote online that following the accident vital treatment for the infant was delayed due to a lack of space at the intensive care unit in their local hospital. Instead an air ambulance was forced to take Enis to a hospital in the neighbouring city of İsparta.

Ayla said, “His heart stopped twice during the journey and it took around six hours for Enis’s condition to be properly assessed”.

Litte Enis needs specialist care for a chance to make a full recovery

The lengthy delay led to Enis slipping into a coma and he was pronounced brain dead the following day. Miraculously the toddler, described by his mum as her “little superhero”, didn’t give up fighting.

An EEG scan showed brainwaves still present and also registered slight improvements in his condition, proving that “all hope was not lost”.

In the past month, the little boy’s condition has continued to improve. His organs are functioning fine and he can now breathe unaided for short periods of time. The family have been advised Enis now needs specialist long-term care to give him the best chance of making a full recovery.

It’s for this reason Ayla and her husband Engin Işık are desperate to bring their son to Britain so he can receive “the medical care, treatments and medication he deserves”. Sadly, their insurance policy doesn’t cover the cost of the air medical transport required, so his parents are appealing to the public for help.

The family needs to raise £30,000 to cover Enis’ medical travel costs to London. To date, they have raised 45% of their target. If you can help, please visit their Justgiving page here to donate.

We’re all rooting for baby Enis to pull through.